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 FAQ - Freqently Asked Questions

Here at AZ Sign Shop, we are constantly looking for ways to make your experience better, so we are in the process of creating an all encompassing F.A.Q. ( frequently asked questions), so for now, here is a temporary one, that is constantly being updated.


Q: What kinds of Vinyl do you use?
A:We primarily use premium high performance Oracle & Avery brands. Both of these brands have a 5-9 year life, and could last longer depending on proper care.
Q:How do I hang my banner?
A:There are many options available for hanging your banner, but we provide 4 free brass grommets on each banner. Please contact us if you require special hanging needs.
Q: How are your digital banners created?
A:Well, when one banner meets another banner....just kidding. Our digitally printed banners are printed on a commercial class EPSON 9800 using K3 100 Year Life Inks, that won't chip or peel unlike solvent printed inks.
Q:How long will my Banner or Sign last?
A:The materials you choose for your sign will determine the life of the sign. You can visit our material glossary to choose the best material for your use. However, the life also depends on your care of the sign.
Q:How do I know what size font for vinyl lettering I need?
A:Check out our Distance Chart before placing your order. Some products have a limit to height of letters, make sure to contact us if you have any questions of special requirements so that we can recommend the best product for your project.
Q:If my double sided sign has arrows on it, will they point in the proper direction on both sides?
A:Point in the proper direction? Ha! That's not possible! Actually, yes, double sided signs with arrows will automatically be made in the same direction, so that when viewed from either side, it is logical and concise.
Q:What is your product guarantee?
A:Every product carrys the manufacturer guarantee of the substrate. Vinyl Lettering has a 5-9 year life on most surfaces if properly cared for.
Q:Will the printed product look like the proof displayed on the screen?
A:Due to different monitor calibrations and settings, some colors may not always match the ones on your computer monitor. We do attempt to get the closest match however.
Q:Does my sign order include posts, frames, stakes, etc?
A:The frames are extra, sold under accessories, we can also add vandal and theft proof bolts at an extra cost, so that your signs stay safe.
Q:Do you offer other shapes and sizes than those listed online?
A:Currently, all of the sizes and shapes that are listed online are the only ones we offer. However, we are very receptive to ideas and requests, so feel free to contact us.
Q:I've noticed that some sign companies don't publish their prices, but you do. How come?
A:The sign industry has a dirty secret. The majority of companies treat every customer on a 1 to 1 basis, which means that they can change the price to whatever they want. Certain companies are even free to profile customers, which means that they could even profile you, the customer, by any attribute (race, nationality, religion, proportions, or age). We don't believe in such practices, and are among some other companies that offer published prices. This way, everyone gets the same price.


Q:Can my vehicle be washed after I apply lettering?
A:We recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours before washing & waxing your vehicle.
Q:How easy is vinyl to install?
A:Depends on the size and complexity of the lettering. We provide a step by step instruction sheet or you can go on our website to view our installation instructions.
Q:How do I remove old vinyl lettering?
A:Carefully, and with lots of swearing. It depends on what kind of vinyl & how long it has been affixed to the surface. In most cases, using a plastic razor & applying heat ( from a hair dryer),as you are pulling of the vinyl will be all you will need, however, if you require a chemical solution, there are vinyl remover products available on the market.
Q:How do I remove bubbles from vinyl lettering?
A:Bubbles are something that is unavoidable in vinyl lettering, with the majority of bubbles smaller than a dime vanishing over time as the air is absorbed back out into the air. Larger bubbles, however, will require the middle of the bubble to be pricked with a sharp needle, using your finger to push the excess air/fluid to the center, making sure to push equally on all sides.
Q:How do I make sure the vinyl that I order is what I need?
A:First off, vinyl lettering is best applied to flat surfaces. Measure the area, make sure there are no compound curves, moulding, or damaged areas, as these can mess up the vinyl, and make it a difficult process to apply. For vehicles, let us know the make, model, year and color of your vehicle. For the windows, the entire area of the windows, please. For store fronts, take a picture of your store front, and send it with your "Cut Ready File", or we can design it for you for a fee.
Q:What colors of vinyl do you have?
A:We currently offer white, black, blue, yellow, green, red, orange, teal, and grey. We can produce in other colors, but there will be an additonal fee. Contact us for more info.


Q:Some of my vinyl will not stick, and I'm freaking out a little.
A. Replace the top transfer paper over the area and re-apply. If this does not work, using a paper towel, dry off the surface and the adhesive side of the vinyl, then reapply. Some stubborn areas may require using a hair dryer or heat gun on low temperature to help activate the adhesive.
Q:How do I get rid of bubbles?
A:Large Bubbles should be popped with a needle or an exacto knife then using your finger, press the bubble flat.Tiny bubbles are normal and will off gas over time. Make sure to pop the big ones so that the air and liquid can evaporate.
Q:How do I repair a wrinkle in the vinyl?
A:Wrinkles happen for various reasons during the installation process. If you happen to get a small wrinkle you should make a slit and overlap the vinyl, if you are unable to redistribute it. If you do not slit your wrinkle, air will be trapped and may cause your vinyl to collect dirt and moisture, causing the vinyl to delaminate overtime.
Q:After I removed the backing the vinyl fell to the ground and got dirty, can it be used?
A:Repair is often successful. Before throwing it away and purchasing new graphics give this a try: wash the dirty vinyl side with your application fluid, using a clean stiff nylon paint brush, brush the fluid off to one side then blot dry. It may be necessary to reapply using heat, but often times your vinyl can be saved.
Q:The racing stripe on my vehicle is in the way, of my image should I put my vinyl over the stripe?
A:NO. To remove portions of racing stripes, use a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen up the adhesive, then using your squeegee or plastic razor blade keep scraping until the amount you want is removed.

Often it is necessary to remove the adhesive with a citrus based adhesive remover then clean well with rubbing alcohol before applying the new vinyl.

Q:My car was just painted (after market) can I apply vinyl to it?
A:It is best to let an after market paint job dry at least 3 to 4 weeks before applying vinyl. Always test an area that is not visible beforehand.
Q:Do I have to use the soap mixture application fluid?
A:Yes, there are several commercial products available on the market.

You can also choose to use the "DRY" Application Method for some smaller vinyl images, just make sure that the area is cleaned with rubbing alcohol prior to installation and remember you only have one chance.

Q:Should I hire a professional Installer?
A:If you are at all in doubt as to your ability, yes. If you enjoy crafts and are trying your hand at a new hobby, the main difference between a professional installer and a novice is of course experience, but generally the only difference is the amount of time it takes to install. Remember you will save on average $85 per hour by installing it yourself.
Q:What is the best temperature for installation?
A:Best outside temperature range is between 50 degrees and 75 degrees for vinyl to adhere to most surfaces.


Q:Is it safe to order online with a credit card?
A:Our shopping cart is protected by HackerSafe and SSL technology that provides a safe environment to perform your transactions. Basically, your information is encrypted, and is safe. Also, this technology helps verify your identity and will process the order safely. Also, our website is tested daily by HackerSafe to make sure that everything is protected and safe.
Q:How do I know that my order has been recieved?
A:Once you have completed & submitted the order, you will recieve a confirmation email letting you know that we have recieved and are processing your order.
Q:I did not recieve a confirmation email!
A:Obviously, our hamster powered computers did not work. Contact us immediately at info @ azsignshop.com. Also, check your Junk or Spam mailboxes first. Certain email services will only allow certain emails(often located on your safe list) to be put into your main email box, and ours may be filtered into your junk mail.
Q:Can I change my order after I submitted it?
A:If you have placed your order and have realized that you have made a mistake, please contact customer service at (888)-711-2717. Since orders are transmitted immediately to our production staff, there is a small window of time where changes or corrections can be made.
Q:What is the prefered type of file?
A:Please refer to our File Submission Guidelines page for more info.
Q:How do I send my files?
A:We would greatly prefer .pdf and .eps files, please refer to our File Submission Guidelines page for more info.
Q:I don't have an image, but I want one, how do I get one?
A:Many, many methods. First off, most companies hire a graphic designer who creates their designs. If you are part of a company that has a designer, contact the designer, see if they can either get you an image, or create one for you. If you don't have that kind of access, you can go to a royalty free website, and use the images from there, or you can hire one of our graphic designers, who can skillfully create an image for you.
Q:How can I tell if my image is proper for printing?
A:Open your image in any image viewing program, and zoom in 100%. If the picture appears grainy (known as pixellation), then your image is of low quality and will not print properly. If you have further questions, refer to our File Submission Guidelines.


Q: How long does it take for me to get my order?
A:Most custom and stock orders are produced & shipped from 3-7 business days. There are some exceptions however, these include:
Some orders may take longer to process due to quantity, size, and type of materials chosen, delivery method, destruction, resource availability, customization, and general difficulty. Q:Is it possible to get my order sooner?
A:Ugh, I guess. You may select faster shipping options at checkout, but these will affect cost. Also, you can request your order to be a rush job at an additional fee.


Q:What types of payments do you accept?
A:We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, P-Cards, certified checks, first born, and organs.
Q:Do you offer quantity discounts?
A:We offer volume discounts on most products, if you qualify for the discount, it will be calculated @ checkout.


Q:Which is best, magnets or vinyl lettering?
A:Vehicle magnets are for short-term temporary use. We recommend purchasing vinyl lettering and graphics if you need a durable long lasting product.
Q:How long does a Digital Magnet Last?
A:Digital Magnets last from 6 to 9 months, with proper care and maintenance and when the outside temperatures are between 50 and 85 degrees.
Q:How long does a vinyl magnet last?
A:Vinyl magnets last from 9 to 12 months, Digital magnets last from 3 to 9 months, when proper care and maintenance instructions are followed and when the outside temperatures are between 50 and 85 degrees.
Q:What are some reasons I would choose a magnet vs. vinyl lettering?
A. If you want to use your family car as a company car, having a removable magnet is preferred.
Q:How do I store my magnet?
A:Store your magnets on the side of a refrigerator, washing machine or filing cabinet. To extend the life of your magnet, do not fold or crease your magnet, never store magnets in your trunk or the back of a pick up truck or on the back seat. Any irregular surfaces will cause your magnet to become malformed and prevent it from adhering properly. Magnets should not be stored in heat or cold areas.
Q:My digital magnet has water under the laminate, why?
A:Digital magnets are water resistant not water proof. In most cases moisture will evaporate, if your magnet has been exposed to excessive water/moisture. If you follow the care and maintenance instructions carefully your magnet should not have a problem with water getting in between the laminate and magnet. Digital magnets are only water-resistant and should be removed if water/rain is present. If you need a durable water proof product we recommend purchasing vinyl lettering and graphics. (Vinyl magnets are more resistant to water than digital magnets.)
Q:How do I clean my magnet?
A:Lightly spray with rubbing alcohol or clean with warm soapy water and air-dry or use a soft cloth. Remove your magnet often and clean well underneath the magnet and the surface of your vehicle.
Q:How do I know magnets will stick to my car?
A:Test your vehicle, where you plan on placing your magnet, with refrigerator magnets. If they stick, then your vehicle magnet will stick.
Q:I bought a magnet and it keeps falling off, Why?
A:Magnets will only stick to steel. If your vehicle is not made of steel or if your vehicle has been repaired with a bonding agent, magnets will not adhere. If your vehicle has been recently painted, magnets may not adhere, if the surface is dirty or has a concave curve, magnets may not adhere. If any of the above situations apply, we recommend that you purchase vinyl lettering instead of a vehicle magnet.
Q: How do I measure for a vehicle magnet?
A:Vehicle magnets must be applied to flat areas only. The magnet must not come in contact with door handles, trim, molding, concave curves, rivets or other interferences. Measure height and width on a flat area.
Q:Will vehicle magnets scratch my vehicle?
A:Several conditions may cause minor scratches, such as dirt under the magnet, improper installation or removal. Overall if you are careful you should not notice excessive scratches to your pain job and enjoy the many benefits of your magnet.
Q:I forgot to measure my vehicle correctly, and my magnet does not fit, what can I do?
A:You can cut down your magnet easily with a ruler and razor blade, or by using a professional rotary cutter. You can even corner round your magnet by using a glass as your guide. Take extra care when using razor or xacto blades. Some local sign companies may also cut down your magnet for a small fee.

Vinyl Lettering VS Magnets

It can be hard, we know, to choose between a magnet and vinyl lettering. One lasts for a very long time, while the other you can take off, however, you have to worry about it getting wet, or flying off when you drive fast, but then again, vinyl stays on for a long time, possibly forever. So which do you go with?
A: Vehicle magnets are for short term use, not intended to be used in extreme weather conditions or for extended periods of time. Vinyl lettering and graphics are intended for long term use, which an average life span of 5-9 years, if proper care and maintence instructions are followed.

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